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Travelling by canoe boats along our comparatively shallow, stony and scroggy rivers one should not be afraid from torns or rips as it may be the case with rubber boats or kayaks. Canoe boats are quite roomy to be convenient for two travellers and their luggage for a several-day trip. Three adults may use a canoe boat for a short trip, though a canoe is the most optimal for two adults and one child. The boats are light and can be easily moved up to a river bank by two people for night accommodation. The only disadvantage is that a canoe boat cannot be folded and placed in a luggage boot, unlike rubber boats and kayaks.

We offer rent of canoe boats together with our transport. It means that a boat rent price includes also transportation of a canoe boat and travellers from our Camping on the Gauja bank to a point of departure, but after trip is finished our minibus will wait for you at a point of destination to take you and the boat back to our Camping. There is a parking area in our Camping, where you can leave your car without luggage. All the mentioned services are included in one price. Please, see for prices in the part ROUTES, or call to our information centre (+371) 26266266 or (+371) 26170074 or e-mail: info@zagarkalns.lv