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Valmiera - Sietiņiezis

20 km, the 1-day route for a canoe boat at an easy pace, including pit stops. If you go fast, the journey will last for 5-6 hours. On the left bank of the river you will see the rowing slalom centre. The route includes a complicated riffle and runs through the town. You will pass 4 bridges situated on the town’s territory. After you pass the rowing slalom centre the river becomes slow, 2 km after the last bridge you arrive at the territory of the National Park of Gauja. Along the route there are the campings “Vītoli” and “Sapa” for the water tourists. 3 km after Sapa the valley becomes deeper, the Gauja Ancient Valley begins there. On the left bank there is the Liepa Cliff, but 2 km onwards there is the Sietiņa Cliff on the right shore, one of the most beautiful cliffs of the Gauja.