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Mazsalaca - Staicele

40km. The route is tailored for around 2 days journey by a canoe boat with slow rowing, at an easy pace and with pit stops at the most attractive sites. We believe this is one of the most beautiful routes of the river tourism in Latvia. The river landscapes are extremely picturesque, particularly along the Mazsalaca Nature Park where you may see the caves and cliffs. There are a lot of sightseeing sites in the Park too. Further on the flow becomes faster, the meadows give place to the steep banks, the river is full of rapids, but there are also the clean and calm swimming places. Visit the good standard rest site “EŽI” on the right shore. You will meet a small riffle at the place called Vīķi. After passing Vīķi the current again becomes slower, the river makes small curves there. There are good fishing areas at the riffles along the route. You can cross the dam of the former paper mills situated at Staicele, though you must keep to all the safety rules, and it will be better if you load off the luggage and transfer it by hand.