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Cēsis - Sigulda

The point of departure is our Camping - Boat Centre in Cīrulīši. Having sailed 2 km you will arrive at the water tourists’ camping “Kvēpene”. There you can visit the Kvēpene castle mound and the oak which is a prototype of that which is drawn on the bank-note of 5 Latvian lats. Enjoy the Briedīšu Cliff after 4,5 km and the small islands throughout the river. You will sale along the camping “Teņi”. After that watch the Amata river fall, the Leimaņu Cliff and the amazing Ķūķu Cliffs with 3-level riffles. The next is the Sprinģu Cliff followed by the Līgatne passing, the only acting passing through along the Gauja. The overnight stay before the passing in the 'Skaļupes'. The 20 km route LĪGATNE - SIGULDA. A journey by a raft - 1 day long. The route is quite calm, at Sigulda the flow becomes very slow. Along the way on the left bank watch the Jumprava Cliff and visit the water tourists’ camping “Katrīna”, but on the right shore - the Katrīna Cliff. When you arrive at the Līgatne Nature Park situated on the left shore, take a 1.5 hour tour along it. 2 km after enjoy the Gūdu Cliffs on the right bank. Further on you will pass the water tourists’ camping site “Paslavas” and the beautiful Launagu Cliff. There are 3 more water tourists’ campings throughout the route — “Brasla”, “Bērzi” and “Vējupīte”. At the borders of Sigulda on the right shore you will see the ancient Castle of Turaida.