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Way description:

Drive out of Riga along the Pskov Highway. After about ~70 km turn off the highway following the road sign showing the direction to Cēsis. Then after ~5 km again follow Cēsis and Limbaži direction signs and the sign "Kempings" on the left. At the border of Cēsis again turn left, follow the signs "Kempings" driving in Limbaži direction. After ~3 km at the sign "Kempings" and T type crossroad again turn left. Go down by the Gaujas Hill and at the bridge again turn left following the sign "Kempings". After 1 minute you will arrive at the Camping and the Boat Centre on the Gauja bank.




Information: Phones: (+371) 2 6266266 Fax (+371) 64125647 e-mail: info@zagarkalns.lv