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Snowboarding instructors

One of our main services are snowboarding classes, as our Snowboard Park is one of the biggest in Baltic states.
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It is possible to learn to ski more or less on one’s own, but to learn snowboarding is much more difficult without correct guidance. Of course one can ask friends or another snowboarder to explain the theory or to help a bit, but in that case one takes the risk of learning false basic principles of snowboarding. The sad statistics show that snowboarding-beginners are the most regular clients of our medical services.

Service phone 28707707 about instructor detailed information. 

During holidays 5 snowboard instructors are working on the base, all of them have completed instructor’s courses in Finland. During working days there are always at least 2 instructors available. From experience one can say that to learn the basic technique of snowboarding requires at least two hours. If you really want to learn snowboarding the right and safe way and to really enjoy this great sport later, we recommend to start with an instructor.

If you already know how to snowboard, but you would like to learn to jump or slide, or the snowboard carving technique, it is best done together with an instructor. Five of them have passed a carving test in Finland (with a certificate) and two the freestyle test, what proves their professionalism.    


1 hour (50 min) for 1 person: 20 EUR

For 2 people (50 min, 1 instructor): 25 EUR

For 3 people (50 min, 1 instructor): 30.00 EUR