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Skiing instructors

Before starting to learn skiing, you must decide whether to start with a bit more difficult carving technique or simply learn to be stable on skis.

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When starting to learn skiing, one can choose between the slightly more complex carving technique right from the beginning, or just try to feel steady on the skis. The instructor will help you choose, considering your physical readiness and your wishes.  

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Also if you have already been on skis, if somebody has already taught you something (a friend or an unprofessional instructor), we still recommend to hire an instructor even if it is just for an hour. The cost is only 20.00 EUR, but he will prevent you from learning the wrong skiing or snowboarding techniques. It is very difficult to relearn the right techniques later. The right guidance from the beginning will help you to learn a fast and elegant skiing technique, to feel safe, convinced and to look great on the hill!

The classical skiing technique, or the "parallel", as we call it, differs from the carving technique. If you don’t have carving skis yet, it is impossible to learn the carving technique, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your stay on the hill without those skis. Thousands of people ski the classical way and don’t feel the necessity to learn the new carving technique, which is okay. The most important is the hill, the snow, the fresh air and the physical activity.

Also if you haven’t been on the hill for a long time and you do not feel self-confident (at the beginning of the season or after an injury), it will be of help to ski for an hour under the guidance of an instructor. Your courage, skills and confidence will return and you will be able to fully enjoy the hills and the snow.

Also before going to the big mountains it is recommendable to train even just for an hour with an instructor.


1 hour (50 min) for 1 person: 20.00 EUR

For 2 people (50 min, 1 instructor): 25.00 EUR

For 3 people (50 min, 1 instructor): 30.00 EUR