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Services for Groups

Quite often we welcome large groups of skiers (company teams, participants of various events, tourist groups, etc.) at our Centre. Groups may plan their visits and events in our Centre in due time.

Offering of Ski Centre „Žagarkalns” for Groups (2012/2013 winter season)


Quite often we welcome large groups of skiers (company teams, participants of various events, tourist groups, etc.) at our Centre. Groups may plan their visits and events in our Centre in due time. You can visit us also when there is no natural snow. Our Ski Centre has a very powerful snow production system which allows us to guarantee good skiing conditions even in unfavourable weather conditions during winter! Therefore we can offer special service packages for groups.

For more detailed information on prices and services, please send your inquires to our e-mail: grupas@zagarkalns.lv or call us on GSM: +371-9128012.


Discounts on rental services and ski lift passes are available:

For groups of 20-30 persons – 10% discount of the total amount.

For groups over 30 persons – 15% discount of the total amount.


We offer the following services for groups:

1. Recreational events for company teams:


  1. Transportation from Riga to Žagarkalns and back.
  2. Skiing equipment, services of our instructors for beginners.
  3. Separate picnic place with campfire and awning.
  4. Hotels, guest houses, saunas, catering, banquets.
  5. For non-skiers: walking path along the river Gauja, sledge ride, etc.
  6. Evening disco parties or live music.
  7. Party hosts and organizers.

2. Arrangement of sporting events (this service is available on working days only, for during weekends our Ski Centre has so many customers that it is impossible to arrange such events).

For sporting events we offer:


  1. To purchase ski lift passes and hire ski equipment out of turn. Payment may be made by bank transfer.
  2. To arrange competitions on a separate slope with the difficulty level according to the customer’s wishes. (We offer also to arrange slalom skiing and Border Cross competitions with time control and summarization of results).
  3. Non-skiing competitions – amusements.
  4. Catering for participants in one of cafes of the Centre.
  5. To arrange prize awarding.
  6. To arrange recreation and rest in nearby saunas and swimming pool of Cīrulīši centre.
  7. Lodging.


(In case the event takes place on weekends, equipment is hired in accordance with general terms (no priorities). On working days, rental is out of turn as agreed in advance.)


Additional services: we offer to prepare the slope for impromptu competitions with time control (preliminary notification required). During group competitions, slope is not closed for other skiers. Competitions are organized by our instructors and may not be longer than 1 hour. Number of participants may not exceed 30, otherwise it is difficult to comply with the time limit. The price of such competitions is subject to mutual agreement with the Ski School (unfortunately, prices will be available at the beginning of the season only).


Instructors: It is possible to arrange larger training groups and receive a special group prices for services offered by our instructors (see the section entitled „Instructors”). In such cases several instructors work with the group and after a certain time period, divide “trainees” into smaller groups in accordance with their skills, and continue to work separately. This is a very effective and favourable method for larger groups. In case among workers of your company or participants of the event there are persons who want to learn skiing, this is a great opportunity to do it. You can be sure that they will remember this event for a long time. It is an unforgettable experience to ski with mountain skis for the first time.

Catering: We have two cafes in our Ski Centre (owned by our collaboration partners). Both cafes offer meals, banquets and services either on Žagarkalns or Cīruļkalns, as well as in your place of lodging near the Centre. For more detailed information, please see the section „Cafes on the Hill".


Lodging: There are many hotels, guest houses and saunas in the neighbourhood of our Centre where you can stay. Comfort and price range is rather wide and one can choose from simple and cheap rooms to even exclusive and presentable rooms. You can find more information on hotels and guest houses on our website in the section entitled “Lodging”.


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