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Driving bay car to the Zagarkalns...

In order to find us easier, we have prepared a road description and map with the shortest way to Žagarkalns from Riga, Valmiera, Limbaži, Sigulda and Cēsis.




Road description:

1. Leave Riga in the direction of East and take road A2 (Pleskava road). 2.

After approximately 70 km, follow the road signs and turn from the road in the direction of Cēsis.

3. After approximately 5 km, turn left following the road sign to Cēsis, Limbaži and the „Skier” sign.

4. Before Cēsis town-limit, turn left again in the direction of Limbaži following the sign "Slēpošanas bāze Žagarkalns" (“Ski Centre Žagarkalns”).

5. After approximately 3 km, turn left again at the signs of „Skier” and „Slēpošanas bāze Žagarkalns”. After 1 minute of driving, you will reach Cīrulīši and find yourself before the sign shown below. Now you have to choose between two slopes - Žagarkalns and Cīruļkalns. In case you decide to ski on Žagarkalns, you have to go straight. You will find our main slopes, rental store, bistro, parking lot and toilets there. In case you want to ski on Cīruļkalns, you have to turn right and you will get right to the top of it. There are also cafe, parking lot, toilets and rental store on Cīruļkalns. Remember that parking lot on Žagarkalns is larger and that all hills are connected so that you can get from every slope to any place of our Ski Centre. The main difference is that School Hill and the Snowboard Park are closer to Cīruļkalns.